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Welcome to the future of digital education

One integrated platform to manage online education! 

Build your own courses. Track performances. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-Demand Content*
  • Exclusive Features

Managing online classes is now seamless. It’s Easy!


Get a customized digital solution now!

Create. Manage. Evaluate

From course-based teaching to online examination to home assignment management, everything now streamlined and hassle-free! NIY brings one, integrated platform to manage all aspects of digital education with utmost care to details.

Create Courses

Create & modify courses using AV/PDF files. Manage curriculum with course exclusive timeline, groups, forums, and live status reports. Make the most of your time with inbuilt automated messaging, bulk messaging features. 50+ more features.


Online Examinations

Create question banks with the freedom of choosing question types, evaluation mode (auto/manual) & more. Set timer & track live quiz status in the timeline. Set course-exclusive questionnaires using multimedia files. Get detailed, downloadable reports. 30+ more features.

Manage Assignments

Create multiple assignments with manual or timer bound auto submission features. Include homework right in the courses. Add teacher remarks with automated notification/messaging tools. 30+ more features.



Fully Responsive

Mobile & Tab friendly optimization.

HD resolution support.

Groups & Forums

Clear doubts in group discussion & one-to-one messaging.

On-Demand Content

Get outsourced course material.

Save more time.

Live Streaming

Integrate your existing zoom account.

Talk to us for more options.

Brand Customization

Customize your login page to reflect the essence of your institution.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get help for bulk upload and creation of content/examinations.

Get a Dedicated Account Manager absolutely Free!

Your one-stop contact for any service-related issues, complaints, and help.


We take care of the effort of

  • User account management
  • Bulk content uploading
  • Periodic report generation
Ensuring your online class management experience is hassle-free & smooth.

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An integrated SaaS-platform for online education management.

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We love to explore
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An integrated SaaS-platform for online education management.

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We love to explore opportunities and possibilities.

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